About us

Allow elegant perfection with Crisna Cruises to inspire you. Booking a crewed chartered yacht with Crisna Cruises is not only one of the best ways to see the Aegean, but it’s also one of the region’s best-kept secrets. Rather than booking a typical all-inclusive resort experience, chartering a crewed yacht allows you to do something more tailored to your interests. You can do whatever you want on a crewed yacht charter and create your own itinerary. A smaller, more intimate setting is preferable to spending time on a massive cruise ship.

On the high seas, you’ll feel right at home. The world’s best and most experienced yacht construction engineers, designed the signature fast hull line and the impressive sail plan of Crisna Cruises. The combination of a perfectly synchronized lateral plan and a pre-balanced rudder blade ensures high-speed performance and safety while sailing. In addition, the yacht designers use highly sophisticated calculation models to form the sail plan for each yacht perfectly. This ensures that your yacht has the best sailing characteristics in all conditions and that it is one of the fastest yachts in its class.

All of the spaces of Crisna Cruises vessels have a minimalist design with a clean and simple structure. Crisna Cruises also prioritize your safety.

With the Crisna Cruises, anything is possible. The vessels’ contemporary design makes a strong statement. Their performance, which is among the best in their class, will excite sailors to the core. Make your mark by choosing from Crisna Cruises carefully curated finishes for an effortlessly stylish, comfortable interior. Yachting with Crisna Cruises is adaptable enough to fit into anyone’s lifestyle, thanks to various smart customization options.